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Don't let security slow you down

Today's security solutions slow development and operations down in a cloud native world

Security needs a new approach

Developers don't want to set up access, policies, and scan for configurations and vulnerabilities. DevOps and site reliability engineers (SREs) don't want to be involved in the care and feeding of security solutions. They just want to release product fast. 

Soluble helps you consistently deploy security solutions across clusters, across clouds without slowing development down.

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Operationalizing Security With Kubernetes

Security That Works For (Not Against) Engineers

Soluble provides a control plane that simplifies managing and delivering services across Kubernetes clusters, across clouds. Reduce the level of expertise and resources you need to deploy security and identity and access management (IAM) for Kubernetes deployments.

Security in 30 seconds

Self-serve onboard, and start getting alerts on risks in your Kubernetes clusters. Do it without long drawn-out or expensive deployments, and get the results delivered in real-time, in the tools you already use.

No more yak shaving
No more yak shaving

Unblock your development teams – developers, DevOps, SREs – by eliminating the burden of rolling out and maintaining enterprise security solutions. Now you can deploy security services without the overhead. 

Real time alerts
Real-time, relevant alerts

Our platform processes real-time changes and risks streaming in from your clusters, sending the right alerts to the right people, at the right time, in the tools and pipelines they already work in, so they can respond immediately.

Super genius security
Super genius security

Elite companies can afford the “mythical” resources for strong Kubernetes security. Soluble builds services and makes them available for companies large and small, for individuals and teams, at an affordable price.

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