The Soluble Mission

Don't let security slow you down

We're on a mission to operationalize security the DevOps way for secure modern software development, enabling developers to move fast with confidence that they are pushing secure code.

With Soluble, companies embracing cloud native development can secure the code they deploy to the cloud, and catch misconfigurations throughout the software development lifecycle – delivering control and compliance to DevOps, SREs, and security teams. 

Soluble enables organizations to operationalize security – making security transparent and pervasive throughout organizations, so they can develop, innovate, and adopt new technologies without slowing down.


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Founders’ Story

Envisioning a World of Operationalized Security

We see security teams being overrun with the move to cloud-native application development. Security can’t keep up because developers want to move fast, and they often can’t take the time to work with security teams to set up access and security properly.

We envision a world where security is operationalized the DevOps way – with a SaaS platform to automate security for developers. Set it up in minutes, and free teams up to focus on protecting and growing the business.

Founded in 2019, Soluble is backed by Dell Technologies Capital.

We're committed to delivering simple products that solve problems and remove complexity.

Why work with us?

Our cofounders have been in the trenches and on the frontlines, running operations and security for large organizations. 

Our Process
Our Process

We partner with customers and design partners to deliver solutions that solve your biggest challenges, and help you enable the business.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Drop security into development to secure the agile enterprise, enabling developers to move fast.

Our Values

Honesty and integrity are core to our company values. We are respectful, speak candidly, and deliver on our commitments.

Meet the Team

Cofounder and President

Rich Seiersen

Prior to Soluble, Rich spent 20 years deep in the salt mines of security operations and development. Along the way, he became a serial CISO at leading companies, including LendingClub, Twilio and GE. He got his start in security companies building vulnerability management products for companies like Qualys and Tripwire.

He’s also the co-author of “How To Measure Anything In Cybersecurity Risk,” and the forthcoming “The Metrics Manifesto: Confronting Security With Data.”

Rich Seierson3
Cofounder and CEO

Rob Schoening

Rob was most recently the VP Of TechOps for LendingClub. As a developer turned ops executive, he developed and championed an innovative approach for managing heterogeneous cloud infrastructure as code.

Prior to LendingClub he spent nearly two decades in software consulting and leadership for companies like Visa, AT&T, Apigee and others.

Rob Schoening3
Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

Melinda Marks

Melinda is passionate about building strong brands and driving revenue. She was most recently VP of Marketing at Armorblox, and also served as VP of Marketing at Styra, and head of marketing for StackRox. She led competitive, market intelligence, and product marketing for Tenable. She also led global communications for four years at Qualys, and spent six years at VMware, where she built their customer reference program, led product PR, and was on the core VMworld planning team since the first VMworld. Melinda is a Synopsys Outreach Foundation board member.


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