Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton
Matt Hamilton (OSCP), is a principal security researcher at Soluble, where he focuses on Kubernetes security research. He was formerly with Bishop Fox, where he worked on black-box penetration testing, application assessments, source code review, and mobile application review for clients, which included large global organizations and high-tech start-ups. Matt is responsible for more than a dozen CVEs. Matt was a founding member of OpenToAll, an online team for security competitions whose purpose is to mentor newcomers to the security community. He is a responsible disclosure advocate, and loves the Go programming language.
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Keycloak DoS - CVE-2020-10758

Posted by Matt Hamilton on September 3, 2020
Summary Does your organization use
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Topics: vulnerability, open-source, cve, keycloak, DoS, PoC

Harbor SSRF - CVE-2020-13788

Posted by Matt Hamilton on July 15, 2020
Summary Harbor versions prior to v2.0.1 were vulnerable ...
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Topics: Kubernetes, vulnerability, open-source, cve, SSRF, Harbor

Building Kubetap

Posted by Matt Hamilton on May 26, 2020
Kubetap I developed Kubetap
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Topics: Kubernetes, proxy, mitmproxy, kubetap, open-source, kubectl-plugin