Soluble Engage Sets Your Cloud Native Journey on the Right Path

Posted by Rob Zazueta on September 9, 2020
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Cloud native software development fundamentally changes the way engineers develop and deliver applications. IT and Operations teams have largely off-loaded infrastructure responsibilities to third-party providers, such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Local DevOps teams, whose members more closely resemble programmers than systems administrators, have largely automated the rest.

Continuous integration and deployment allows teams to ship code to production several times a day rather than waiting for a single batch release, rapidly adding features and functionality to networked applications serving millions of users across the open Internet - increasing the chance for mistakes and security risk.

With their experience leading security and operations teams, the Soluble team has experienced this first hand and knows the headaches well. We’ve met these challenges head on and have advised dozens of CISOs and Security Managers to establish winning strategies to help security teams work with developers to improve processes for better security and reliability.

Whether your organization is more mature and looking to find ways to make security more efficient, or you find yourself a stranger in a cloud native land as you're just getting started, we’re here to help. Soluble Engage gives you direct access to experts such as our Principal Researcher Matt Hamilton, who has published more than a dozen CVEs, and our CEO Rich Seiersen, a serial cloud native CISO who is currently writing his second book on security metrics.

Soluble Engage is the ideal experience to set you up with a successful cloud native security strategy, addressing areas where you can reduce your security risk. You'll access gain access to the Soluble Fusion platform, and receive reports with ways to fix security issues and optimize your program.


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Rob Zazueta

Written by Rob Zazueta

Rob Z. spent the first 15 years of his career as a full time web application developer and the last decade helping companies of all sizes build programs to improve the lives of their developers and developer customers. Prior to joining Soluble, he ran the Developer Relations program at WeWork after leading the Strategy Services program for the Mashery team at both Intel and TIBCO. Rob Z. is a globally recognized thought leader in the API industry and was a major contributor to the book "API Success: The Journey to Digital Transformation".